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            CBCL Limited
            Engineering and Environmental
            Design and Consulting

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            CBCL Limited provides professional consulting engineering and environmental services in the Municipal Services, Water & Wastewater, Buildings, Industry & Manufacturing, Energy & Power, Oil & Gas, Marine, Transportation & Bridges and Environment & Planning sectors.

            • top 101, top employeer, employee owned, atlantic canadian company
            • structural, mechanical and electrical engineering and landscape architecture
            • water & wastewater treatment, water transmission & distribution and water resources solutions
            • design and administration of highways, roundabouts and intersections
            • experienced design from established conventional power generation thru to wind and tidal power
            • extensive onshore and offshore oil & gas services
            • municipal service infrastructure, water, wastewater, storm, land development and subdivisions
            • environmental site assessments & remediation, watersheds and wetlands
            • innovative highway, railway and pedestrian bridge designs
            • mechanical, electrical, structural and instrumentation & controls experience
            • coastal engineering for terminals, wharves and ports
            • site analysis planning & design and landscape architecture services
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